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Unique bargains of beautiful, highly profitable villas on the Riviera 
(often 75% under the estimate of the banks)

Western-Liguria in Italy is ideal for all-year-golf, -outdoor activities and seaside holidays (year-round temperatures are between 14 and 28 degrees). These villas do yield a very high rentability with four different sources: Service as a very nice holiday residency, value increases due to raising prices for such beautiful residences, income when selling parts of the large grounds and additional revenues from renting.  The yield prospects are particularly large, since the bargain prices are often 75% below the first estimate of the bank. Our partner on site, CasaRiviera provides guarantee for serious handling (Swiss Company) and 5-star services on site (Italian LLC). Further offers from CasaRiviera include over 700 holiday homes with prices as from 42'000 Euros only. Latest information.

The proposed first-class real estate investments on the Ligurian Riviera are profit pearls. Our first-class villa bargains are impressive, with unique quality at amazingly low prices.

4-fold profit driving
When buying these first-class villas, there are 4 sources for profit:
1. A very nice holiday residence with a large, unique piece of land for beautiful own holidays
2. Profit from value increases thanks to the currently high potential *
3. Profit from selling parts of the large property and
4. Revenues from sub-renting (if desired).

* These property prices are as low as never, while prices elsewhere have risen sharply already and there is a high risk of a drop in value there (French Riviera, Tuscany, Ticino, Mallorca, etc.).

Six first class villas offers
Our partner CasaRiviera.ch is currently able to offer first-class and low-cost villas in Western-Liguria (on the nearby Riviera) thanks to excellent relationships, as never before in its 10 years of activity on the spot.

1. Design Villa 300 m2

Plot 3'000 m2, very nice garden with sea view, olive trees and southern flair. Only 5 minutes from the golf course. Unique design and a construction that meets the highest standards. 4 bathrooms, whirlpool, various very large indoor and outdoor terraces, built in 1996 with permanent renovations by own housekeeper. Estimated price by the bank: 4.5 Mio. Euros, special price 1.6 Mio. Euros only.

This design villa would also be suitable for golf clubs, golf pros golfing holiday organizers as well.

2. Real estate pearl: Castello with 50'000 m2 of private land and 1000 m2 floor space

Magnificent, uniquely large property with renovated 18-room villa and sea view directly over the old town. 400 m2 villa with 5 bathrooms and 3 kitchens. 50'000 m2 of land with various buildings (600 m2 floor space) which have not yet been renovated yet. At an extremely favorable bargain price of 1.95 Mio. Euro only (the estimated price is between 4 and 6 Mio. Euros, the price for lovers is still much higher, and the value of the property alone does ensures a very high rentability).

This unique villa does convince with its magnificent 180 degree views of the sea and the historical old town, situated at the foot of the estate, in the center of the flower Riviera (West Liguria). The property is just 5 minutes from the sea. More on this.

3. Unique Barok-style villa directly by the sea

18 rooms, 380 m2 floor space, plot 4'200m2 with a wonderful location directly on the sea (which is only very rarely found today). Estimate of the bank 8 million euros . Bargain price 2.3 Mio. Euros. (Would probably need to be renovated, which with competent building management is very cost-effective locally.)

4. Dream villa 3x6 rooms with unique palms and garden

This paradise property with the dream villa in a lush palm and orchard-rich garden is a bijou for lovers of mediterranean life quality. The house consists of 3 storeys, with floor spaces of 3 times 180 m2 (3 times 6 rooms, each with 2 bathrooms and own laundry room). Each floor has 2 to 3 terraces (covered and open). Total 6 garages. 80 meters above sea level with a fantastic view and only 200 meters from the Ligurian celebrity beach. This villa offer near Sanremo, Monaco, Nice is one of the rarities that are hard to find. Price 1.98 Mio. Euros.

5. Mega-Villa of superlatives with 30'000 m2 of land and helicopter landing area

A unique luxury villa of first quality (built in 2016) with 2'600 m2 usable area and 30'000 m2 land, tennis court, helicopter landing area (license inclusive), fitness rooms, seawater XL pool, 400 m2 terrace, 9 rooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 800 m2 living space. Further construction possibility available for 10% of the plot area (thus up to 3'000 m2). Use of the very best materials, energy class AAA, Swiss building standard, price 5.5 Mio. Euros.

6. Seven exclusive, newly built villas for an investor (71% below estimated price)

As a further unique investment, we currently offer 7 exclusive villas, with a total of 28'000 m2 of land, luxurious building standard and views of the Riviera

The beautifully situated, large property is located on the Italian Riviera (about 90 km from Nice and Monaco). The unique beautiful location above the very popular mundane seaside resort is very special, with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea, that is reached within 5 minutes.

These 7 dream villas in its unique location are offered  and sold together (en bloc). They are ideal for a real estate investor or a community of investors who are looking for a bargain price with high rentability potential. The purchase price of the entire facility is only  7 Mio. Euros (compared with an estimate of the bank of 24 Mio. Euros).

Smaller, more cost-effective villas and vacation domiciles

The current offers of CasaRiviera.ch include:

- over 100 further villas with beautiful gardens and prices as from 320'000 Eur

- more than 350 holiday homes with prices from 42,000 Euros to 480,000 Eur 

- over 250 apartments with prices from 42,000 Euros to 290,000 Eur

- more than 25 Rusticos with prices from 16'000 Euros to 240'000 Eur.

Legal assistance and security

CasaRiviera.ch recommends and offers: Legal safe handling and legal assistance by a neutral, specialized lawyer, who creates reliable contracts in coordination with the Italian notaries. The legal transaction is settled by its own Swiss company and is subject to Swiss law.

Invitation to visit real estate in case of high interest

The CasaRiviera team invites interested parties to take a look at the unique bargains on the Western Italian Riviera. After showing interest and signing up, the suitable holiday and real estate investment objects will be shown on the spot.

Effiprom.com, Real Estate department on the Riviera
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