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Real Estate Information Unique bargains of beautiful, highly profitable villas on the Riviera   (often 75% under the estimate of the banks) Western-Liguria in Italy is ideal for all-year-golf, -outdoor activities and seaside holidays (year-round temperatures are between 14 and 28 degrees). These villas do yield a very high rentability with four different sources: Service as a very nice holiday residency, value increases due to raising prices for such beautiful residences, income when selling parts of the large grounds and additional revenues from renting.  The yield prospects are particularly large, since the bargain prices are often 75% below the first estimate of the bank. Our partner on site, CasaRiviera provides guarantee for serious handling (Swiss Company) and 5-star services on site (Italian LLC). Further offers from CasaRiviera include over 700 holiday homes with prices as from 42'000 Euros only.  Latest information . The proposed first-class real estate investm